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In a concert hall

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Listening to a live music concert can be an incredible experience. It is surreal in a way. Being in a concert hall is like being on a bridge, between the present and the past. The composer wants to speak to you and leave you a message, of hope, of joy, wants to make you laugh or reflect on something dark and sad. All this through a piece of music he composed, all this through notes. Interesting melodies, tempo changes, variety on dynamics can contribute to make you experience the feeling stronger. What is the interpreter's job then?He or she should not interfere and change the meaning of the piece in a way that you feel is...nothing, or just a mere perfection or virtuosity of passages after passages. The interpreter should first understand the composer's idea and then try to give a performance where there is an understanding of the piece 'as the composer wanted' as well as a personal touch. In that way, there should be a freedom for the audience to feel something powerful, it does not really matter if the original idea comes across. The important thing is to engage, not with the musician's ego, but with the creative approach on the piece or, if the musician is an excellent one, with the complete and absolute connection with the composer's intention.

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