F-What’s this music?

A-It’s Vivaldi The four Seasons!Four Concertos for violin and Orchestra, each inspired by a season.

E-Exactly! Vivaldi describes the birds singing, the summer storm, the hunt in autumn and the shivering in winter 

F-But who’s playing?

E-To find out, go under the Christmas Tree!

F&A-Ahhh but…it’s you!!

E-Yes, this is my CD!Here I perform with the Orchestra Franz Terraneo in Como and it’s a project that we put much work into. It was recorded LIVE during a concert in Como last summer. Another feature of this CD is that it’s a rare example where the sonnets (attributed to Vivaldi) are narrated by the voice of actor Marco Ballerini. 

This production is also a concrete symbol of a difficult moment in history, where Music has represented Hope for us artists. We really hope that this CD will advocate for a important message: Keep sharing Beauty even in difficult moments. 

If you want to buy it, it will be available soon on my website and on the major digital platforms like Spotify, I tunes and Amazon Music

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A&F:What are you waiting for??

E-Go on to my website, where you will also find a little surprise..

My Christmas Tale

Once upon a time, in Lake Como, there was a little girl, happy and solar but very shy…

She was tiny and fragile, you could bend her like a stick!

But deep down, she was strong and was willing to share with the entire world what she had inside.

She was looking for something that would resemble her, something small and fragile but with a strong powerful voice.

Yes, that little girl was me.

At the age of 6 a very small Emma asked her mom “him”, a violin.

What did you say?Well we were talking about strength…and power…but…such a small instrument!

Nevertheless, listen to what it can produce.

Me and the violin became great friends. A contagious friendship, so much so that even in my family, my sisters chose each one instrument as a friend.

I named my violin “concertino” and practising every day with discipline, we achieved our first results, always seeking for new adventures travelling together.

So here it is, this is my story…and you?Would you tell me yours?Would you be willing to let a musical instrument guide you through living new incredible experiences?

That little girl was very happy with her choice, and to this day, she and “concertino” are inseparable and always ready for new adventures

And now some music! ”Estrellita”, little star, I wish that the light will come to your houses and with warmth can stay with you during the festivities.

Merry Christmas!

© 2019 by EMMA ARIZZA